With great chocolate comes great responsibility! Celebrating over 60 years of business in Osage Beach, Blair & Co. Confectionery (home of Ozark Maid Candies) offers the best homemade fudge and candies at The Lake.

Family Owned & Operated

Blair and Company Candy Confectionery, previously known as Ozark Made Candy Kitchen, opened its Osage Beach location in 1959, but founding co-owner Blair said the original store opened in Camdenton in 1952. She said the store was the idea of her husband, Les, who wanted a job that would allow him to be able to spend more time with his family.

Les and Geanie Blair continued running the store until his death and her retirement in 2000, when the couple’s son, Alan, took over owning the business.

In 2007, the third generation of the family, Alan Blair’s daughter, Jennifer Dowdney, came on to manage the store after being back at the lake area for four years.

Having grown up herself in the store, Jennifer knows how the store’s life-span has affected multiple generations.

Speaking to Lake News Online, Jennifer said “I used to get off the bus at the store, and so did my dad,” 

When asked about being a candy professional, she says “I don’t know if I would consider myself that because we’re so simple,” Dowdney said. “But I know good candy.”

Good candy is right! 

Delicious Sweets & More

They have a delicious assortment of candies, chocolates, and other incredible treats. They regularly feature seasonal specials, gift boxes, and other fun candy ideas! 

Locals and tourists alike love this family owned candy shop. On Facebook, you can find raving reviews and comments from their fans! 

Elizabeth M. says Your business has been a shopping destination for my extended family every time we’ve been at the lake for the last almost 50 years!”

Learn more about them with our business listing here: https://discoverloz.com/small-business-directory/2428/blair-co-confectionery-home-of-ozark-maid-candies/