Heroes Outreach Program

The Heroes Outreach Program is a nonprofit that supports veterans with an emphasis on those suffering from PTSD. It’s main focus is on coordinating and facilitating ‘Gatherings’ of veterans in towns across the country. These Gatherings are simple places where veterans meet weekly to share a free meal, or sometimes coffee and doughnuts to share life’s events. Veterans often isolate from society because they feel that no one can understand the emotions and frustrations they feel. When among other veterans, they know they are among others who truly understand.

In addition to the Gatherings, they aid veterans in any other way possible. Such as, get a homeless vet off the street and into a hotel long enough to get them connected with a social worker or social service that can provide a more long-term solution. Providing an emergency ride to a VA hospital or clinic. Sit up with them into the night as they struggle with PTSD and the challenges of life. They also provide suicide prevention resources to all veterans and their families at every Gathering.