Old Family Farm Trail Rides

Old Family Farm Trail Rides have a two fold purpose. They adopt wild horses (mustangs) from the Bureau of Land Management, tame them, and if they have the right personality use them as their trail horses. If they are not suited for what they do they find them good homes they will fit into. The ones that stay with us become our trail horses which they use to take customers out on our 120 acer Family Farm. Their trail horses support themselves and the training and finding homes for the other mustangs that come through our place.

They offer half hour rides for $35 per person, 1 hour rides for $45 per person, 1 and a half hour rides for $65 per person, and 2 hour rides for $80 per person. They can not take anyone under the age of 7 out on our trails but do have pony rides for those under 7 for $15 per child.

The rides strive to make this ride personal for your family or group and only take the group you book from 1 rider to a max of 8 riders at this time depending on the horses available.

We also take wild mustangs, gentle them and find adopters for them. So when you come and ride one of our mustangs you are helping support not only the horse you are riding but other mustangs being gentled in preparation for their new homes.
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